Calgary Transit to lift COVID-19 Restrictions

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The limit on seating, as well as standing room, was put in place in April as part of the city’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, starting Aug. 17, Calgary Transit is removing seating restrictions on buses and CTrains and returning to full seated capacity. This is in response to the mandatory face coverings bylaw that will help keep customers safe when they can’t maintain distance between each other.

Please note that the City Council has passed the temporary Face Coverings Bylaw. The bylaw requires you to wear a face covering (mask) in indoor public premises, and public vehicles, beginning August 1, 2020.

Calgary Transit will also still be sanitizing buses and trains to try to reduce the spread of the virus. As well, Calgary Transit has also launched its mobile ticketing app MyFare on July 1, making it easier for customers to buy tickets without having to visit an office or touch machines at CTrain platforms and stations.

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