Calgary’s Riparian Areas

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Looking for a fun activity to do with children this week? Discover some local riparian areas in Calgary! Riparian areas are lands beside a water body and comes from the Latin word “ripa”, meaning bank or shore! Riparian areas unfold like ribbons across watershed, including landscapes where land and water meet. They border rivers, creeks and wetlands.

You can now download a Riparian Activity Book from the City of Calgary and follow it to have your own adventure! Bring your activity book with you while you take a walk along one of Calgary’s rivers or creeks and mark down what you see.

To learn more about Calgary’s riparian areas and what the City of Calgary has in plan to preserve and protect our river areas, visit


Word of the day:

Riparian (Adjective)

  1. Related or situated on the banks (edge/side) of a river
    • Eg: Today I went to explore the riparian areas of Bow River.