Aging with Pride – Guide for LGBTQ2S+ Seniors

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LGBTQ2S+ seniors have gone through incredible milestones and changes throughout their lifetimes. We are living in a different era now, more open and inclusive compared to decades ago, yet the discrimination against this diverse population has never really ended.

Compared to their counterparts, LGBTQ2S+ older adults are more likely to have mental or physical illnesses, have less support, and are more concerned about growing old alone.

To ensure that identifying as LGBTQ2S+ becomes an easier process for seniors, the Ministry of Seniors and Housing, the Government of Alberta has recently released an educational resource entitled “Aging with pride: a guide to creating inclusive services for LGBTQ2S+ older adults”.

The guide aims to help senior-serving organizations increase awareness of LGBTQ2S+ seniors’ issues and needs and identify concrete actions organizations can take to be more inclusive and affirming.

This guide is for any organization that works with seniors as volunteers, staff, clients, residents or participants, including seniors’ centres and associations, community outreach and frontline service providers, and housing providers.

Download the guide here:

Alberta Health Services (AHS) has a page of LGBTQ2S+ resources open for all to access.

Word of the Day:

Counterpart: a person or thing that has the same characteristics or function as another. E.g. Compared to their counterparts (= other older adults), LGBTQ2S+ older adults are more likely to have mental or physical illnesses.