Free Event: Tomorrow’s Chinatown: Let’s Talk Culture! #3

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Are you interested in learning and sharing stories about Calgary Chinatown?

The City of Calgary has a series of fun, informal, interactive and informative community conversations over the lunch hour. Each session will feature an new big topic or an interesting aspect of Calgary Chinatown and its culture, like food, arts, youth, storytelling and more.

This is a free event for anyone with an interest in Calgary Chinatown, and who wants to discuss the experiences, culture and opportunities of this unique community. This up coming session’s theme is New Blood (新血). Chinatown’s future needs new blood, not just of new leaders, but of an entire generation. In this talk, you will hear from a range of youth on their relationship with Chinatown growing up and now.

  • What opportunities and barriers (real or perceived) exist for their participation?
  • What change do they want and need to see in the community in order to continue moving forward together?

Interested? This event will be on Wed, August 26, 2020 from 11:45 AM – 1:00 PM MDT.

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Image taken from City of Calgary