Alberta Government To Support Edmonton-Calgary Hyperloop

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A round-trip drive between Edmonton and Calgary usually takes six hours. Can you imagine making it within one hour or even just 30 minutes? It might not sound so impossible with the Edmonton-Calgary hyperloop project.

Canadian hyperloop company Transpod has entered a new memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Alberta government. The government will provide some supports to the feasibility study for the Edmonton-Calgary hyperloop project.

What is “hyperloop”?
  • An ultra-high-speed transportation line without rails
  • Passengers travel in train-like pods through a vacuum in sealed magnetic tubes
  • The speed of the proposed technology may go up to 1,000 km/hour
  • The hyperloop technology has been met with both excitement and skepticism
What support does the provincial government agree to provide to this project?
  • Studying whether the technology is feasible in Alberta
  • Share transportation data with Transpod
  • Construct a test track on the 10-km stretch of land between Olds and Didsbury
  • The government has not agreed to support the project financially

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