New Calgary Carsharing Service

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The City of Calgary and Communauto, the oldest and largest Canadian carsharing organization, announced the launch of a new carsharing service: Communauto FLEX. On August 27, 2020, an initial fleet of 150 cars will be deployed in an area covering 26 square kilometres from 50 Avenue S.W. to 21 Avenue N.W., and from 37 Street S.W. to 17 Street S.E. The launch of the service was made possible because the City Council’s approval of the revised Carshare Parking Policies and Traffic Bylaw earlier this year.

The service has no monthly fee, with usage costing $0.45 per minute, $15 per hour, or $50 for one day and $35 the following days. For day trips, 100 kilometres are included in the trip price, and additional kilometres are billed at $0.20 per kilometre.

Other plans allow people to use cars for $2.95 per hour, plus $0.29 per kilometre with fuel and insurance included. The service will start up in mid-September.

Some COVID-19 measures Communauto will take is to have hand sanitizer available in each car and weekly vehicle disinfections. Additional time up to 15 minutes before driving will be free to allow for time to disinfect.

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Photo taken from City of Calgary