What You Need to Know about Maple Syrup

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Today, let’s learn a few things about maple syrup — one of the most well-known Canadian icons!

Where does maple syrup come from?
  • Maple syrup is harvested and processed from maple trees;
  • Holes are drilled into the trunks of maple trees so that the sap can be collected in a container;
  • The sap is then heated and filtered multiple times;
  • During the process, much of the water will evaporate, leaving the concentrated syrup.
When did Canadians start to produce maple syrup?
  • Maple syrup was valued and used by Indigenous peoples of North America long before the arrival of European settlers;
  • The first account of maple syrup by European settlers was in 1557.
What is in maple syrup?
  • Maple syrup, like any regular syrup, is very high in sugar;
  • It also contains some vitamins and minerals, especially zinc and manganese.
How do we eat maple syrup?

Eating too much sugar can be a leading cause of many health problems! Enjoy maple syrup in moderation. Moderation is the key!

Word of the Day:

Moderation: the avoidance of extremes. “Enjoy maple syrup in moderation” means that we should avoid eating too much maple syrup.