Returning to School in Alberta

Michelle Mak Daily Life, Newcomer Information

This week, schools will welcome students back to class for a new school year with added health measures in place in Alberta. Some of the new health measures include:

  • Masks for staff and grades 4-12 where physical distancing may not be possible
    • in shared areas such as on the bus and hallways and while closely interacting in the classroom
  • Placing hand sanitizers at school entrances and classrooms
  • Cleaning surfaces regularly
  • Grouping students in cohorts
  • Planning the school day to allow for physical distancing, which could include staggered start times for classes, recesses and lunches

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, all students, staff, parents and school visitors will be expected to check for symptoms daily using a self-screening questionnaire before entering the school.

In the situation where COVID-19 case happens, outbreak protocols will be in place to quickly identify confirmed cases and close contacts.

Interested in a return to school tool kit—which includes a parent guide, guide for COVID-19 outbreaks in schools, videos, posters and more? Visit