Calgary Police Services: Safer Vehicles Initiative

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Calgary Police Services have started their Safer Vehicles Initiative, meaning they will be ensuring all vehicles meet safety standards and comply with the Traffic Safety Act. They will also be focusing on nuisance equipment violations such as insufficient mufflers and unnecessary noise from vehicles.

Police officers will be checking several things to ensure your vehicle is safe, such as:

– Is the tire tread sufficient?
– Are cracks in the windshield affecting your visibility?
– Are any parts falling off your vehicle?
– Do all tail, head, and signal lights function properly?
– Does your vehicle’s muffler emit excessive noise?
– Are the windows beside and in front of the driver free of tint?
– Do the seat belts work and do vehicle occupants wear them?

During the first week of this initiative, Traffic Unit members visited every quadrant of the city and spoke with many Calgarians. Most stops lasted less than two minutes, and drivers were asked to check that vehicle lights functioned while officers did a quick vehicle fitness check. If any vehicles do not meet the safety measures, drivers can face an $81 fine and vehicle registration suspension until the issue is resolved.

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