Reopening of the Glenmore Dam Pathway

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The City of Calgary announced the reopening of the Glenmore Dam Pathway! During the past few years, construction for the Glenmore Dam has been happening in order to

  • Increase the lifespan of the dam
  • Increase our water supply resiliency to better manage low river flows in the winter and high river flows in the spring.
  • Improve recreational experience for pathway users

Calgarians can now enjoy a new, wider bridge deck across the dam along with the amazing views of Calgary. The pathway also connects to 27kms of pathways around the Reservoir & along the Elbow River.

Check out the Glenmore Dam Pathway (6420 14 St SW, Calgary, AB T2V) before Winter comes!

To learn more about this project, please visit

Word of the Day: Dam (noun)

a barrier constructed to hold back water and raise its level, forming a reservoir used to generate electricity or as a water supply.

Example: The kids saw the dam was holding back a large amount of water.