Biometric Collection Services for PR Applicants in Canada

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For permanent residence applicants within Canada who need to give biometrics:

Service Canada Centres are gradually resuming biometrics collection services by appointment only for permanent residence applicants who have received a biometric instruction letter (BIL). Use this tool to find out if you need to give biometrics.

Service Canada officers will call you at the telephone number you provided in your application to schedule your biometrics appointment. There is no additional fee to pay, and you don’t need a new BIL. Don’t go to a Service Canada Centre unless a Service Canada Officer calls you and schedules an appointment for you.

What about biometrics collection outside Canada?

If the site closest to you is closed, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will automatically extend your deadline to give your biometrics. You don’t have to give your biometrics until the sites start offering collection services again. This applies to you, even if your biometrics instruction letter (BIL) says you have 30 or 90 days.

Back in July, (IRCC) announced a public policy that would benefit temporary residence applicants in Canada.

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