Calgary’s Historic City Hall Rehabilitation Completed

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From 2016 to 2020, Calgary’s Historic City Hall underwent an extensive heritage rehabilitation. The City of Calgary has recently announced that it’s officially complete!

Here are some fun facts about this historic building:

  • The Historic City Hall is 109 years old. After this upgrade, it’s expected to last for another century!
  • The Historic City Hall originally housed a jail, including 15 jail cells for men and 3 for women.
  • Famous people that have visited the building include King George VI, Queen Elizabeth II, the Duke of Edinburgh, and Winston Churchill.
  • Why was the clock part of the building’s original design? Back in 1907, only the wealthy owned timepieces. Up until the City Hall was built, a cannon was fired every day at noon to tell Calgarians what time it was.
  • The clock cost $3,500 in 1911, and it’s bell and weights weigh about 3,000 pounds (approx.. 1360.8 kg) in total.

The public could join an informative tour of The City’s Municipal Complex, which includes Historic City Hall, but these days due to COVID-19, the tours are on hold until further notice.

Word of the Day:

Rehabilitation: the action of restoring something damaged to its former good condition.

More information:

Watch this time-lapse video showing the Historic City Hall being unwrapped: