Crowchild Trail Short Term Upgrades Complete

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The City of Calgary announced that all major upgrades involved in the short-term improvements phase of the Crowchild Trail Upgrades project are now complete. This project has been ongoing since Fall of 2017 and have recently just finished. Although there are still some finishing touches being completed, the new lanes are officially open.

Some of the completed short term upgrades are:

  • Bridges and roadways
    • Completed life cycle rehabilitation and widening of the Memorial Drive, Bow River, and Bow Trail bridges
    • Added a northbound and southbound traffic lane on Crowchild Trail between Memorial Drive and Bow Trail
    • Added a northbound traffic lane on Crowchild Trail between Memorial Drive and 5 Avenue N.W.
  • On and off ramps
    • From westbound Bow Trail & westbound 10 Avenue S.W. to northbound
      Crowchild Trail: moved on-ramps to right side of Crowchild Trail
    • From northbound Crowchild Trail to eastbound Bow Trail: added a merge lane to the off-ramp
    • From northbound Crowchild Trail to eastbound Memorial Drive: moved the off-ramp to the north side of eastbound Memorial Drive
  • Pathways and crossings
    • Along the east side of Crowchild Trail from Kensington Road along the north side of Memorial Drive: added a pathway, connecting to the pedestrian overpass at 21 Street N.W.
    • Parkdale Boulevard and Kensington Road intersection: added a signalized pedestrian crossing to connect to the Bow River Pathway Network

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Photo taken from City of Calgary