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Depending on which country or region you moved to Canada from, the concept of gender diversity may or may not exist.

Gender Identity vs. Sex
  • Gender identity is a person’s internal sense of whether they’re male or female, both, or neither, and it’s not visible to others.
  • Gender identity and sex are two different things. Sex was assigned to someone biologically at birth.
  • One’s gender identity may be the same as one’s sex or not.
What is the Trans Affirming Network?

Created by Skipping Stone, it is a  collection of local Calgary businesses who all share the value that it is essential to create spaces that are welcoming, respectful and inclusive of trans and gender-diverse folks and are committed to working to provide this spaces themselves.

Why is this Network needed and how is it beneficial?
  • Tans and gender-diverse folks sometimes have a hard time finding businesses that are welcoming and inclusive. To address this need, Skipping Stone has recently launched the Trans Affirming Network.
  • The hope is that it will make it easier for trans and gender-diverse folks to access personal services they need, while feeling welcomed and respected.
Access the Trans Affirming Network here:

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