How-to & Smart Tips – Behind the Scenes

Rebecca Scheiris Daily Life, Fun Facts, Newcomer Information

The “Smart Tips” series has come far since it started, over a year ago. The project started with research to find out what topics newcomers wanted to learn and has become nine completed videos with six more on the way. The videos have reached thousands of Alberta newcomers.

The project goal was to inform newcomers with relatable, real situational videos, on a variety of topics, and the feedback has been just that. The videos are having an impact. The nine videos cover diverse topics such as managing your money, starting a small business, healthcare, winter preparation, renting a home, fraud and scams, and car accidents. To improve accessibility, the videos are available with subtitles translated into 7 languages: Arabic, Chinese, French, Hindi, Spanish, Farsi, and Tigrinya. Each video takes about two months, from its research to when it is posted on our Settlement Platform. The project has worked with so many talented newcomers in so many roles. They have acted, promoted videos, or been behind the scenes. We are so grateful for all the support the project has had. We have worked with so many other agencies that have helped bring the videos to life. We are happy that this project does help newcomers in Alberta, but it does so much more than that, it fosters community. It brings people together to talk about their struggles moving to Canada and lets people that aren’t newcomers anymore help people that have just arrived in Canada. It even fosters community in Immigrant Services Calgary, as co-workers from multiple countries, and departments can be seen as actors in the production, or posting on social media, or even attending radio shows to promote the project. It is humbling to see how much support the project has and how far it has come. Projects like these, which are a ton of work, are also so important for helping welcome new Albertans. The project will continue to make an impact as it nears its end next year, but for now it is good to enjoy the huge amount of community and support it is generating.

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