Affordable Housing in Calgary

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Everyone deserves a safe and stable place to call home, but not everyone can afford one.

Making sure people of all income levels has access to safe and stable housing will

  • help create inclusive communities
  • make Calgary a great place to live and work

Calgary has more than 60 affordable housing partners working to provide safe and stable homes to individuals and families. The largest property manager is Calgary Housing Company (CHC), offering two general programs:

  • Subsidized Housing: a variety of programs in which rent is either set as a percentage of your income or at a low, fixed rate.
  • Near market Housing (Low End of Market or LEM):rentals offered at rates approximately 10% below market rates.

To qualify for any program, you need to meet the corresponding eligibility criteria, including immigration status, income limits, asset limits, etc. Most of the programs are open for Canadian citizens, permanent residents and refugees.

If you need more information about affordable housing, you can check out page 32 of the Affordable Housing Guide to learn about the long-term rental housing programs, who are eligible, and how to apply, etc..

If you have questions about the process, our Newcomer Planners can help you! Please fill out this form: One of our Newcomer Planners will reach out to you and help you with the application.

Word of the Day:

Subsidize: to support financially, to aid with money