Apply for a Job in Person (Walk-in Job Application)

Lisa C. Employment, Newcomer Information

Some businesses such as fast-food restaurants, cafés, bakeries or retail stores accept in-person job applications. We also call this type of application “walk-in job application”.

Doing walk-ins doesn’t mean you can just waltz into any store expecting to ace the interview and be hired on the spot. It happens, but before applying for a job in person, you need to do your homework and get prepared first. Things to keep in mind include the following and we will take a look at them one by one:

  • What businesses you want to drop by
  • What to bring when you apply
  • What to wear
  • How to prepare for an on-spot interview
  • How to follow up after you have applied for jobs
Make a plan
  • Plan out a route and make a list of the businesses you’d like to visit.
  • Check out if there are any available positions posted by these businesses. If yes, all the best; if not, don’t worry, you can still drop by. Food industry and retail usually have higher employee turnover rates. It doesn’t hurt to leave a copy of your resume, in case a position opens up the very next day!
  • Familiarize yourself with the job description and the business’s corporate culture.
What to bring when you do walk-ins
  • Enough copies of completed job application forms (if the employer requires one) or copies of resumes
  • A pen and notepad, so that you can write down which stores you visited
  • Identification documents
  • List of references, in case you get interviewed right away
What to wear
  • Business casual attire is the most appropriate when you apply for a job in person.
  • Avoid wearing jeans, shorts, tanks tops or anything that is low cut and too revealing.
  • Make sure you present a neat, tidy and positive image, in case you get an on-spot interview.
Prepare for an on-spot interview
  • When you go into a store, ask to speak to the manager and do not ask about job openings to the first employee you see.
  • Tip: call beforehand and ask for the manager’s name before dropping by. So when you go in, you can ask for the manager’s name directly.
  • Introduce yourself in a confident and friendly way. Tell the manager why you are there. The manager may interview you right away. Be prepared to answer questions about your educational background, work experience, qualifications, etc. Our employment team can help you prepare for job interviews. Click here to book a session today!
  • If the manager is not in the store, you have two options. You can either ask when the manager will come back and pay them another visit, or you can leave your resume with the employee and explain to that person the purpose of your visit.
Follow up after a walk-in job application
  • When you apply in person, try to ask for a business card from the manager.
  • In two to three days, follow up with a thank-you email or phone call.

Word of the Day:

Turnover: the rate at which employees leave an employer and are replaced.