How to Identify and Avoid Scams and Fraud

Michelle Mak Daily Life, Newcomer Information

Scams that try to steal your money or personal information are always going to be a threat. They are always changing and evolving. That doesn’t mean there are not ways that you can stay safe and keep from falling for a scam.

In our newest “Smart Tips” video “How to Identify and Avoid Scams” we show you real situations and give you advice on how to handle situations that may seem too good to be true. Some topics you will find in the video are how to identify scams and fraud, some types of scam, what to do if you think you are falling for a scam and what to do after getting scammed. Along with the video are some helpful resources including a vocabulary list, knowledge check and more information about common scams. You can watch the video here:

Recently we did an information session with Shawna-Kay-Thomas from the Better Business Bureau and Keeley Grier from the Calgary Police Service about scams. You can watch it here: