Bed Bugs in a Nutshell and How to Get Rid of Them

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Many new immigrants to Canada, when purchasing furniture, choose to buy second-hand mattresses and other furniture, instead of brand-new ones.

No doubt that this is a great way to save money, especially when you are new in the country and don’t yet have any source of income. You will need to rely largely on the settlement fund you brought with you, in which case every dollar counts, as you need to ensure the money lasts as long as possible until you find employment.

One downside of using second-hand mattresses is that you may run into bed bugs.

What are bed bugs?
  • Also spelt together as one word “bedbugs”, these insects are flat and wingless, about 0.6 cm long.
  • Bed bugs like to hide in small crevices of bedding and mattresses. They can also be carried around on luggage, furniture, clothing, pillows, etc.
  • Bed bugs exist everywhere in the world, most often found in hotels, shelters, apartments, etc.
Are bed bugs harmful to humans?
  • Bed bugs are not known to spread disease, but bed bug bites are extremely itchy.
  • Some people may be allergic to the bites.
What are the signs of bed bugs?
  • Red, itchy bites on the skins, especially straight rows of bites
  • Tiny bloodstains on sheets and mattresses
  • Bed bugs visible along the seams of mattresses
How to treat bed bug bites?
  • Wash the bites with soap
  • Apply an anti-itch cream to stop the itching. Consult your local pharmacy.
  • Apply an oatmeal-soaked face cloth on the bites for 15 minutes
  • See your doctor if the bites look infected
How to get rid of bed bugs
  • De-clutter, which means throwing away things you don’t need anymore
  • Isolate affected items away from other furniture
  • Frequent vacuuming all areas of your bed
  • Washing and drying affected clothing or linen in a hot dryer
  • If it gets worse, it is best to call a professional pest control company for treatment choices

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Crevice: a narrow opening, a crack

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