Fire Prevention Week 2020

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Fire Prevention Week is this week from October 4 – 10. During this week, City of Calgary is bringing attention to cooking fires. These are fires that typically start from overheated cooking oil or food left cooking on the stove unattended. Here are some tips from the City of Calgary.

  • Make sure you never leave cooking unattended
  • Use timers to check on your food regularly
  • If you have a grease fire, put a lid on the pot and turn off the heat when safe to do so. Do not use water!
  • Make sure you test and maintain your smoke alarm! Smoke alarms should be on every level of your home and be tested once a month. Batteries are to be replaced at least once a year and the smoke alarm itself should be replaced every 10 years.
  • Have a plan for escape: Make sure you and your family have a way to get out of the house in case of emergencies.

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