How to celebrate Thanksgiving safely

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It is Thanksgiving weekend! Are you planning on hosting Thanksgiving with your friends and family? COVID-19 is still a concerning topic for many and it is important to safely plan out Thanksgiving before.

You will want to think about how many people you can accommodate safely before, during, and after dinner. Right now, it is the best to keep the party small and limited to your cohort. Those who have vulnerable friends and family should consider a virtual celebration. You can also consider splitting the event up into seperate days (such as having a second event like a brunch or leftovers dinner) to keep the number of people together smaller.

In terms of location, it is best to choose a home that offers the greatest space possible with the highest ceilings and best ventilation. Or having a dinner in the outdoors (such as in a backyard or around a firepit) could be an option.

Seating can make a difference; seat more vulnerable people at the end of the table or where they can stay further away from others. Sit closest to those in your household or cohort.

Materials that you can have at your household to promote cleaniliness is:

  • Keep hand sanitizer accessible for your guests
  • Consider single use hand towels in the washroom
  • Plate everyone’s meal instead of buffet style

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