Calgary Transit – On Demand Transit

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Starting this month, Calgary Transit will be starting an on-demand transit system in six communities – Aspen Woods, Christie Park, Strathcona Park, Signal Hill, Springbank Hill and Discovery Ridge.

The previous community shuttles have all been removed and replaced with the on-demand transit system. This change was done so in response to low ridership on these routes.

The new system will be utilized through the Calgary Transit’s On Demand app or over the phone by calling 403-262-1000. You may pre-book your trips and the times that you will need the bus. Afterwards, the app will tell you when and where to wait for the bus! Those who require last minute bus rides may also request so in the app itself.

On Demand will still provide full service for these communities, with the same service hours as the current routes! The only difference is that instead of having empty buses driving fixed routes through the area, On Demand will create the flexibility to send shuttles where and when they’re needed.

To learn more about on-demand services, please visit

Photo taken from Calgary Transit website.