Flu Shots for Children under 5

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Alberta Health Service’s (AHS) Alberta Influenza Immunization program for 2020-2021 will begin October 19, 2020. All Albertans, six months of age and older, are eligible to be immunized, free of charge through their local pharmacists and physicians or through AHS themselves. This year will be different as they will offer the immunization to different age groups and demographics.

Starting on October 19, AHS will offer vaccine through pre-booked appointment only, to:

  • children under five years of age and their family and household members

If you are eligible to receive influenza immunization through AHS, you are required to book an appointment using the online booking tool.

Pharmacists will offer vaccine to:

  • All Albertans five years of age and older

Physicians will offer vaccines to:

  • All Albertans 9 years of age and older
  • Some physicians may be offering vaccines to children 6 months up to and including 8 years of age as well, please check with your physician’s office

Please call a pharmacist or physician to arrange for influenza immunization or click here for more information https://www.albertahealthservices.ca/influenza/influenza.aspx