Waste Reduction Week 2020

Michelle Mak Community, Daily Life

Did you know it’s Waste Reduction Week from October 19 – 25? Waste Reduction Week is a campaign that aims to raise awareness while encouraging new innovative ideas and solutions. It is the week to recognize everyone’s environmental efforts and achievements this week.

Throughout this week, you can look for tips and tricks on how to reduce your waste in your day to day lives – such as how to reduce food waste! You can reduce food waste by planning out your weekly meals (also known as meal prepping) to ensure that you use up all your groceries for that week.

Throughout the week, there are different themes for each day of the week:

  • Monday – Circular economy and kick off
  • Tuesday – Textiles
  • Wednesday – E-Waste
  • Thursday – Plastics
  • Friday – Food Waste
  • Saturday – Sharing Economy
  • Sunday – Swap & Repair

You can take part of this week by going to wrwcanada.com and using their resources to get involved.