More than Meets the Eye

Lisa C. Newcomer Information

In the first article of our new series “English Idioms for Newcomers“, let’s take a look at this expression: “more than meets the eye.

What does “more than meets the eye” mean?

This idiom is used todescribe a thing or situation which:

  • is not as simple as it seems to be
  • is difficult to understand
  • involves more things than you thought at the beginning
How to use it?
  • Add “there is”: There is more than meets the eye.
  • To specify what you are talking about, you can insert “to…,  here or there”: more to this matter than meets the eye, more here/there than meets the eye
  • What a puzzling mystery! There’s definitely more here than meets the eye.
  • In my opinion, there is more to her death than meets the eye. We have reason to believe she was murdered!

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Word of the Day:

Idiom: an idiom is a phrase that has a non-literal meaning attached to the phrase.