Tobogganing and Sledding in Calgary

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Tobogganing, or sometimes called sledding is one of the most popular winter activities in Canada.

Tobogganing is sliding downhill over snow on a toboggan. The word “toboggan” is a noun as well as a verb. When it is a noun, “toboggan” is a long narrow board or sled shown in the picture above.

It’s not quite winter yet in Calgary but it’s been snowing on and off these couple of days – the perfect time to try out this thrilling activity this weekend!

Some parks and green spaces in Calgary offer safe and exciting hills. Check out the list here:

For safety reasons, the Parks and Pathways Bylaw prohibits tobogganing or sledding downhill in any City-maintained park except the ones in this list. The bylaw does not apply to private, provincial, or federal land.

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