Media Literacy Week October 26 – 30

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Media Literacy Week is an annual national campaign hosted by MediaSmarts and the Canadian Teachers Federation to promote digital and media literacy. During the week, activities and events are hosted by libraries, museums, schools, and community groups nationwide. 

What is digital literacy?
  • The ability to find, evaluate, and compose clear information on various digital platforms
  • For example, are you able to type efficiently, upload a photo, record yourself using technology, etc.?
What is media literacy?
  • The ability to access, critically analyze & evaluate, and create media
  • For example, do you ask questions about what you watch, hear and read on Facebook before sharing or liking it?

During the Media Literacy Week 2020, Canadians of all ages are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to become good digital citizens:

  • learn about how media affect the way we see the world
  • check the info seen online before sharing it
  • learn how to spot fake news
Check out Media Literacy Week Events & Activities here:

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