Reducing Red Tape for Employers – Bill 32

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Starting on November 1, 2020, there will be a few changes to employment standards. The changes are made possible by Bill 32. This act provides employees and employers with clearer and more transparent rules promoting fairness and productivity, including rest periods and temporary layoff notices. The updates that are happening on November 1 include:

☑️ Give employees least 30 minutes of rest every 5 hours for shifts longer than 5 hours. The break can be within or immediately after the 5 hours of work, or at any time mutually agreed upon by the employer and employee.

☑️ Expand the types of jobs 13 and 14-year olds are allowed to do without first needing a permit, such as coaching and tutoring

☑️ Provide employers with more flexible timelines for paying employees their final pay

☑️ Create simpler and more flexible rules for general holiday pay and certain payroll processes

☑️ Provide more flexibility for employers to set up hours of work averaging arrangements, create schedules, and calculate overtime

☑️ Remove specific timing requirements for temporary layoff notices

☑️ Allow an employer and union to agree to alter employment standards rules such as hours of work, notice of work times, days of rest, and overtime hours

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