Field of Crosses

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From November 1 – 11, 2020, you will see along Memorial Drive in Calgary, the Field of Crosses Memorial Project. This is an annual project that memorializes soldiers from Southern Alberta who have lost their lives fighting for our country. This is the project’s 10th year.

At the Field of Crosses Memorial Project, you will see over 3400 crosses placed in the park. Each cross memorializes an individual soldier from Southern Alberta who scarified their life to protect our country.

Here are some special event details:

Night of Lights – November 10th

  • To honour the fallen within the Field of Crosses, on the Night of Lights, a candle will be placed in front of each cross which will burn until sunrise November 11th. To keep within the restricted numbers allowed in the park the site will be closed from 11:00 AM until approx. 4:00 PM, or until the candles are all in place. Only pre-designated volunteers will be allowed onsite to help with the setup of the candles.

Remembrance Day – November 11th

  • The Remembrance Day Ceremony will be a virtual event broadcast live from the Field of Crosses by Global Calgary. The virtual event will also be live streamed. Only those taking part in the ceremony will be allowed in the park during the live ceremony.
  • The park will be closed to the public from 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM on November 11th
  • On November 11th security will be on site to ensure only participants in the ceremony are allowed in the park.
  • Alberta Health Services request that crowds do not congregate off site and that onlookers do not congregate along Memorial Drive opposite the Field of Crosses
  • At 2:00 PM the park will open to the public but will be limited to 100 people on the field at any one time.

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