Some Quick Facts about Advent Calendar

Lisa C. Newcomer Information

The year-end holidays are just around corner. In stores and shops (online or not), you see businesses have started selling Advent Calendars.

As a newcomer to Canada, you may not yet know about this holiday tradition. Advent Calendars have something to do with the celebration of Christmas. Christmas in Canada is celebrated in pretty much the same way as it is in many other Western countries.

* It is worth mentioning that Canada has a very diverse population and that not everybody celebrates Christmas.

First of all, what is “Advent”?

  • The word “advent” came from Latin “adventus” meaning “coming; arrival” and in the Christian calendar referring to the “coming of Christ”

What is an Advent Calendar?

  • It is a calendar traditionally used to count the days before Christmas.
  • Nowadays, we can find calendars filled with all sorts of products, from chocolate, tea to makeup samplers.

When does the Advent Calendar start?

  • Traditionally it starts from the First Sunday of Advent, somewhere between November 27 to December 3.
  • Commercialized Advent Calendars start to appear in the market as early as October.

Learn how to use the word “advent” in a sentence!

  • When “advent” is not capitalized, it refers to the coming of something or someone important
  • Example: The advent of personal computers has significantly affected the lives of people in all countries.