AHS Launches Text Notification via COVID-19 Close Contact Tool

Lisa C. Uncategorized

Alberta Health Services (AHS) has launched an online tool:

Automated notification of close contacts of COVID-19 cases by text message

Effective November 12, 2020, Albertans test positive for COVID-19 are asked to immediately visit www.ahs.ca/closecontacts and enter their phone numbers and phone numbers of known close contacts into the COVID-19 Close Contact Tool.

Submitted information will be reviewed by the Alberta Health Services (AHS) contact tracing team, a text message notification will be delivered to all close contacts whose phone numbers are provided. The text message will

  • inform close contacts of their exposure
  • instruct them to isolate immediately for 14 days
  • provide a link to more information on testing options and available supports
* The name of the positive case will not be disclosed in the text messages.

AHS is hiring contract tracing workers, and you can check out the details here: https://settlementcalgary.com/2020/11/09/ahs-hiring-contact-tracing-workers-covid-exposure-team/.

More information on the automated text alert COVID-19 Close Contact Tool: https://www.albertahealthservices.ca/news/Page15707.aspx?fbclid=IwAR2673bA6pQDTDHtbZ8dmO6xCpnAj8oi42vThoyNxCvqaQWRdNIIuJcRByY