Black Cart, Blue Cart & Green Cart

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Welcome to Residential Recycling & Disposal Info for Newcomers!

These are a series of articles to help you learn the right way to recycle, dispose or donate your unwanted items.

Blue Cart

Use your Blue Cart or access a community recycling depot to help keep valuable recyclable materials out of City landfills. Items that should go to your Blue Cart include but are not limited to:

  • stretchy plastic bags (bundled up)
  • shredded paper (bagged in a see-through bag)
  • food containers, e.g. jars, cans, plastic bottles (rinsed and dried)
  • cardboard boxes (flattened to create more room), etc.

Black Cart

Use your Black Cart to take out the trash in a safer, cleaner and more efficient way. Items placed in black carts are garbage and will end up in the landfills, and they include but are not limited to:

  • non-stretchy bags, e.g. chip bags
  • foam containers, e.g. meat trays, takeout containers
  • diapers and feminine hygiene products
  • bottle caps, plastic plates, forks and spoons, etc.

Green Cart

Use your green cart for compostable items, including but not limited to:

  • food or kitchen waste (raw or cooked), e.g. bones, fruit pits, eggshells, plate scrapings, etc.
  • food-soiled paper, e.g. used paper plates and tissues, fast food bags, coffee filters, tea bags, etc.
  • yard waste, e.g. leaves, twigs, soil, etc.

Word of the Day:

Landfill: a place where garbage is buried and covered over with soil

More information:

The City of Calgary has a residential recycling and disposal search tool. Check out the “What Goes Where” list here: