Support Calgary Local Businesses This Holiday Shopping Season

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Local businesses make up the fabric of our communities; the heartbeat of our neighbourhoods and the spine of our local economy.

A lot of local small businesses are experiencing the impact since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. You can help local businesses survive the hard times by spending your money here in the City.

As we enter the holiday session, let’s buy local and support local! Here are some places where you can find Calgary local businesses:

Be Local
  • Visit
  • Here’s how to find a Calgary business: under Filters, Shop Location, select Custom and enter “Calgary” to define you only want to see Calgary stores in the search results.

You encouraged to shop locally online if possible. You can also do curbside pickup. If you’re going into the stores, make sure to

  • wear your mask
  • keep your distance
  • maintain good hand hygiene

Let’s help each other get through this together!

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