National Test of the Emergency Alerting System

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Did you know that your cellphone may have the power to save a life?

A national test of the emergency alerting system will take place. And in Alberta it is scheduled on Wednesday, November 25 at 1:55pm.

What is Alert Ready?
  • Canada’s emergency alerting system
  • Delivers alerts to Canadians through TV, radio and other wireless devices
What types of alerts are broadcast?
  • Fire (wildfire, urban fire, …)
  • Natural (earthquake, flash flood, …)
  • Biological (drinking water contamination, …)
  • Hazardous (explosive device or substance)
  • Environmental (air quality, …)
  • Terrorist (terrorist attacks, …)
  • Civil (Amber alert, 911 service, …)
  • Admin (test message, like tomorrow’s national test)

FAQs about Alert Ready:

Check your phone’s compatibility at

You are also encouraged to download the Alberta Emergency Alert mobile app to ensure they receive all emergency notifications for their area. Get it for iOS and Android at…/mobileapp.html

Word of the Day:

Amber is fossilized tree resin (as shown in the image below), usually yellow in color. Amber alert is the alert issued when a child is taken away illegally