Kitchen Essentials You Need to Kick-Start Your New Life

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When you move to Canada to start a new life, you may have to leave behind a lot of things, because you simply don’t have enough space in your luggage to fit bulky items, such as kitchenware and kitchen supplies.

Most rental properties don’t come with furniture or kitchen supplies. How to quickly set up your own kitchen at low cost?

We put up together a list of kitchen essentials you may need to kick-start your new life in Canada! Some basic items are left out, such as knives and chopping boards. And a lot of these items in our list are useful if you use the oven to cook or bake.

*Note that this list is only for reference. Let’s keep in mind that people from different cultures cook in different ways, and there are absolutely no right or wrong ways of setting up your kitchen.


Skillets are basically frying pans. Traditional skillets are usually dishwasher safe, while nonstick skillets require handwashing.


Saucepans are deeper cooking pans. They are very handy for cooking pasta, noodles, porridge, or soup.


Peelers are used to remove skins from potatoes, carrots, apples, etc. Get a metal one. It’s more durable!

Spatulas & spoons

Silicone spatulas usually heat-resistant up to 400 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. They are soft and help protect the coating of nonstick skillets. You can also get wooden ones.

Oven mitts

If you use the oven to cook or bake anything, oven mittens are essential! Get two at least.

Baking sheets, pans and dishes

Depend on what you use them for, these come in different sizes and shapes. They are usually made of metal, porcelain or glass.

Measuring cups and spoons

Canadian recipe books follow imperial measurements. Degrees Fahrenheit are use for oven temperatures and ingredients are measured by the cup or teaspoon, tablespoon, etc.

Other supplies
  • Parchment paper. Throw used parchment paper into your Green Cart
  • Aluminum foil. Rinse off any food from used foil, and recycle it in your Blue Cart.

Learn about different carts here:  Black Cart, Blue Cart & Green Cart

For more recycling information, visit Residential Recycling & Disposal Info for Newcomers!

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