Calgary Startup Testing Indoor Positioning System

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To navigate outdoors in Calgary, many newcomers find cellphone apps such as Google Map or the new Calgary Transit app quite useful, but what about indoors? Have you ever been lost in a department store or large grocery store, not knowing where to find the item you want?

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A Calgary startup called Takemetuit is working on a solution by developing a navigation system that works indoors, with help from the Living Labs program run by the City of Calgary.

The indoor positioning system (IPS) is a system used to locate objects or people inside a building using

  • lights
  • radio waves
  • magnetic fields
  • acoustic signals
  • other sensory information

Read more about this project and how the City of Calgary is helping Takemetuit to do testing in a realistic environment:

Takemetuit is always looking for highly skilled individuals

  • with a passion for software and hardware technologies
  • who can deliver the benefits of Takemetuit and work with retailers, distributors,  business partners
  • Contact Takemetuit here for any available opportunities:

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