Christmas Wreaths

Lisa C. Fun Facts, Newcomer Information

These days, if you visit any grocery store or home supplies store, you will surely notice that Christmas wreaths, among other decorations, have reappeared in the market for the holiday season. Today let’s learn a few quick facts about Christmas wreaths.

Canada has a very diverse population and that not everybody celebrates Christmas. As newcomers to Calgary, you and your family may not celebrate Christmas at all, but that is okay. It is always useful to learn about the Christmas wreaths.

What is a Christmas wreath?

  • A traditional Christmas wreath is a ring made using flowers, tree leaves, twigs, small fruits, or other materials.
  • You usually find Christmas wreaths hanging on doors around the Christmas season.
  • The most common colors for a Christmas wreath include red, green, gold and silver.
  • These days, Christmas wreaths in the market are treated by chemicals so the twigs and leaves last longer. You can also find lifelike plastic ones that are more durable.

When and where did Christmas wreaths originate?

  • Christmas wreaths, connected with the pagan holiday of Yule were adopted as a custom by Christians in the 16th century.
  • The word “wreath” is from the Old English word “writhan”, which means “to twist”.
  • The use of wreaths (not just Christmas wreaths) date back to different cultures, the Persian Empire, ancient Egypt and Greece, etc.

What do Christmas wreaths symbolize?

  • Traditionally, Christmas wreaths are made from evergreens and symbolize strength, eternal life, etc.
  • Even though Christmas wreaths are religious symbols to many, nowadays, some people use them strictly for decoration purposes.

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