Used or Broken Glass

Lisa C. Community, Newcomer Information

Welcome to today’s Residential Recycling & Disposal Info for Newcomers! Today, let’s learn how to properly recycle or dispose of glass!

Glass Beverage Bottles
Beer Bottles
Glass Food Jars & Bottles
  • These include glass jars or bottles for jam, peanut butter, vinegar, soy sauce, and other condiments.
  • Broken or unbroken, they can be placed in your blue cart or at a community recycling depot.
  • Metal lids also belong to the blue cart, but please remove them from the jars before putting both the lids and jars in your blue cart.
Food Jars
Household Glass and Other Types of Tempered Glass
Broken Drinking Glass
Learn about different carts here:

The City of Calgary has a residential recycling and disposal search tool. Check out the “What Goes Where” list here:

Word of the Day:

Shard: a piece of broken glass or ceramic with sharp edges.