Alberta Offers Outreach Support to Communities with High Numbers of Active COVID-19 Cases

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The government of Alberta has recently put forward new outreach supports for communities in Calgary and Edmonton with higher numbers of active COVID-19 cases and rates of infection.

  • Calgary neighbourhoods include: Lower Northeast and Upper Northeast
  • Edmonton neighbourdhoods include: Abbottsfield, Castle Downs, Eastwood, Jasper Place, Millwoods West, North East, Northgate, Woodcroft East, Woodcroft West

Starting December 15, residents in these 11 communities will have access to the following support.

Individuals in these areas who test positive for COVID-19 are eligible for:
  • a free hotel room stay of 14 days with culturally appropriate food
  • a temporary financial aid of $625 when the self-isolation is completed
Care packages will be delivered in these areas and include items such as:
  • Masks
  • Sanitizer
  • Multilingual information
Public awareness campaign
  • will be carried out in 10 languages
  • through radio, television, print advertising, social media and various websites

The outreach effort will be led and supported by community leaders and local faith and settlement organizations with support from translators whenever needed.

Word of the Day:

Outreach: to reach out and bring over assistance and support to people in the communities who might not otherwise be able to receive the assistance.

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