Rapid Housing Initiative in Calgary

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Calgary will be receiving $24.6 million through Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)’s Rapid Housing Initiative. The details have recently been announced.

“We share the same goal as our partners at the Federal Government to house thousands of Canadians in need. This is a great first step but we cannot take our foot off the gas.”

– Naheed Nenshi, Mayor of Calgary

Calgary submitted three projects that will build 176 new units of affordable housing specifically for seniors, women and children fleeing domestic violence and urban Indigenous persons:

  • Silvera for Seniors to complete a hotel conversion into a seniors’ residence
  • Horizon Housing for new modular homes for women and children fleeing domestic violence
  • HomeSpace Society to provide new homes for Indigenous people as part of a rehabilitation of an old building

Word of the Day:

Modular: related to standardized units. Sometimes we first make parts of a house somewhere else indoors, then transport these parts (also called “modules”) of the house to a new location and have them put together. A house built in this way is called a modular home.

More information: https://newsroom.calgary.ca/government-of-canada-announces-support-for-rapid-housing-initiative-in-calgary/