Babylon by TELUS Health – Doctor’s Appointments on Mobile Devices

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With the circumstances of our current pandemic, many services and programs have moved online. Doctor’s appointments, mental health therapy sessions and dieticians are all available under TELUS Health’s Babylon app.

This mobile app is available to those who reside in Alberta and are covered under the Alberta Healthcare Insurance Plan. Through this app, you will be able to talk to a doctor, get a prescription or a referral, and even check/monitor your health and symptoms. This service is free for all residents of Alberta who are under the provincial’s healthcare plan. Those who are not covered by the provincial’s healthcare plan can still access these virtual sessions for $70.

How this works:

You will download the app, sign up for an account, and be able to schedule yourself in for a doctor consultation. On the day of, you will receive a video call/call (through the app) at the time of your booking. It is advised that you have strong wifi as well as a quiet and private environment to have your session in.

For those who require prescriptions, the prescription will be sent out to the pharmacy of your choice within an hour. You will then go to the pharmacy with proof of identification to collect the prescription.

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