Rehabilitation Advice Line by AHS

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Are you recovering from COVID-19 and need rehabilitation advice? You can reach out to a clinician and receive help through your recovery by calling 1-833-379-0563 (toll-free).

Rehabilitation Advice Line is a free telephone service available for Albertans over 18, who’ve had

  • An injury,
  • An orthopedic (relating to the bones/muscles) surgery, or
  • A neurological (relating to the nervous system) condition.

If you have one of the above and are looking for self-management advice or support to find rehabilitation services, you can call 1-833-379-0563 from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and receive information on:

  • Activities and exercises that help with physical concerns;
  • Strategies to manage the day-to-day activities affected by these concerns;
  • Rehabilitation services that are open for in-person and/or virtual visits;
  • Community-based organizations.

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