New Year Resolution Ideas 2021

Lisa C. Uncategorized

It’s the first week of 2021. As we enter Year 2 of the pandemic, what new year resolutions did you make for 2021? If you haven’t made any, here are three ideas for you to consider:

Sanitize your phone regularly

It is always essential to wash your hands thoroughly and regularly, with or without this pandemic, but what about your cellphone? Our cellphones are almost like an extension of our arms. Think about it — you take your cellphone with you anywhere, e.g. to work, school, and even public washrooms; you play with it in bed right before going to sleep, yet how often do you sanitize it?

Ideally, you should sanitize your cellphone daily using cotton pads and alcohol. If it’s too much of a commitment for you, start doing it weekly instead.

Take care of your mental health

2021 is the year when we all need to start paying attention to our mental health. It’s a difficult time for everyone, but with COVID-19 vaccines, we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Turning to friends and family for support is always our number 1 choice, but if things become too much, you may want to find more peer supporters or even build your own support groups. Connect with those who understand what you are going through. You can also try using one of these free mental health mobile apps.

Consider talking to a professional therapist when there’s a need. Immigrant Services Calgary offers psychotherapy & counselling services.

Start listening

You might ask, what should I listen to? Instead of music, try something new! For example, audiobooks and podcasts.

The Calgary Public Library has a great collection of audiobooks. As for podcasts, they are almost all free on Apple Podcast or Google Podcasts or Spotify. You can choose the topics you are interested in, pick one and start listening.

Good language skills are essential to your success as a newcomer to Canada. Listening to materials in English (or French) is a great way to pick up new words and improves your listening skills. You can listen anytime anywhere you want, e.g. exercising, cooking, driving to work, or grocery shopping. Before you go, check out other learning resources to practice your listening skills with.

Word of the Day:

Resolution: a firm decision (to do or not to do something)