Ways to Support Socially Isolated Seniors during the Pandemic

Lisa C. Community, COVID-19, Seniors

Older adults are among the most vulnerable citizens during this global pandemic. For those who were already isolated prior to the pandemic, their physical and mental health face even more challenges these days.

Red flags that seniors are struggling:
  • Increased withdrawal
  • Changing eating/sleep patterns
  • Uncontrollable anxiety
  • Signs of confusion and disorientation
What can we do to support seniors?
  • Pay attention to seniors in your communities and neighborhood;
  • Make sure they have the food and medication they need;
  • Provide seniors with a list of emergency number so they can reach out for help if needed;
  • Mail over messages of encouragement;
  • Set up a schedule to call and greet seniors.

For more information, please visit: https://ucalgary.ca/news/ucalgary-expert-how-help-socially-isolated-seniors-during-covid-19