Updates on International Border Testing Pilot Program

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We have mentioned about International Border Testing Pilot Program in a previous article: https://settlementcalgary.com/2020/11/04/details-on-international-border-testing-pilot-program/

There have been some updates since then.

As of January 7

Travellers must present proof of a negative COVID-19 test result (either paper or electronic) to an airline prior to boarding a flight to Canada.

As of January 25
  • Border pilot participants must now remain in quarantine until receiving a negative result from their second test on day 7 or 8 (counting arrival day as day 1).
  • Travellers currently in the program must immediately return to quarantine if they haven’t taken their second test and received the negative result yet.
  • Participants cannot return to childcare, out of school care, schools, post-secondary institutions, and workplaces outside of their home for 14 days.

More information about this project, eligible locations & travelers and how to participate: https://www.alberta.ca/international-border-pilot-project.aspx