CRA Mobile Web Apps

Lisa C. Newcomer Information

The Canada Revenue Agency has a series of mobile web apps to help individuals and business owners receive updates on their benefits and credits.

Mobile web apps are NOT mobile applications, but websites designed to resemble the feel of smartphone apps.

  • Available: web
  • securely access key portions of your tax information
  • pay your tax balance owing
MyBenefits CRA
  • Available: web
  • For individual benefit recipients
  • View benefit & credit payment details and eligibility information.
CRA Business Tax Reminders
  • Available on iOS and Android
  • For businesses
  • custom reminders and alerts for key due dates related to instalment payments, tax returns, and remittances
CRA BizApp
  • Available: web
  • For small business owners and sole proprietors
  • offers secure access to make payments, view accounting transactions,

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