Video: Things You Need to Know about Filing Income Tax Returns

Lisa C. Community, Newcomer Information

Welcome to Newcomer LearningHub! In this short video, let’s learn about: filing personal income tax returns in Canada!

Topics covered in this video include:
  • Why do we pay income tax?
  • What are the benefits of paying income tax?
  • Who are required to pay income tax?
  • What documents and receipts should you prepare before hand?
  • Where to get free support for filing your income tax?

Special note: If you’ve recently moved, please inform your employer, financial institution, and the government as soon as possible.

Prepare the income information documents that apply to your situation :
  • T4 – Employment Earnings
  • T4E – Employment Insurance, Covid-19 Benefits
  • T4A – Education Support, Seniors Pension, Covid-19 Benefits, Scholarships
  • T5007 – Social Services, Provincial Supplements, Government Sponsorships, Workers Compensation Board
  • T5 or T3 – Bank/Investment, etc.
Gather Official Tax Receipts for tax deduction:
  • Medical Expenses: Official Tax Receipts from pharmacies, medical offices
  • Donations: Official Tax Receipts only
  • Childcare receipts bearing the organization names and their addresses
  • RRSP Contributions: Official receipts from your financial institution
  • Tuition: T2202 slip from your school student account
Free Income Tax Clinic for eligible newcomers: