Detailed Eligibility Info for Critical Worker Benefit

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The Critical Worker Benefit is a one-time $1,200 cash payment recognizing Albertans working to provide critical services during the pandemic in the following sectors:

  • public health-care
  • social services
  • education
  • private sector

Detailed eligibility and application information for the Critical Worker Benefit is now available online.

Workers listed in the following private sectors are eligible to receive the Critical Worker Benefit:

  • Retail – grocery, pharmacy and gas
  • Food manufacturing
  • Truck transportation of food and medical supplies
  • Warehousing and storage of food and medical supplies
  • Private health clinics
  • Private sector workers in First Nations communities

To be eligible for the Critical Worker Benefit, private sector workers must:

  • earn $25 per hour or less
  • have worked at least 300 hours between the period of October 12, 2020 and January 31, 2021
  • be located and working in Alberta

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