Storm Drains

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As the cold spell draws to an end this weekend, snow will smelt all around our communities in Calgary. Today, let’s learn one thing or two about storm drains in Calgary.

What are storm drains?
  • Storm drains collect rainwater and melted snow from sidewalks, streets, and roads.
  • Storm drains are the main way storm water gets into our underground pipes
  • Storm drains are also called catch basins
  • The outside part of the structure looks like this:
Did you know that there are over 60 thousand storm drains in Calgary?
  • View storm drain locations in Calgary on this map.
  • Water entering our storm drains travels to rivers and streams. We don’t want to pollute our rivers, so we should not dump chemicals or use ice salt on storm drains.
If you see snow, ice or other debris plugging your storm drain and it’s safe,
  • Clear snow, ice or debris away from the drain.
  • Create a channel to help water flow

If you are not sure, it’s better to contact 311 via the 311 app or by submitting an online request.

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