Beware of Immigration Fraud – Marriage Fraud

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March is Fraud Prevention Month. We will post a series of articles helping you find out how to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of immigration fraud. Today, let’s take a look at marriage fraud.

Are you a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident? Have you met and fallen in love with someone from another country online or while travelling?

Think twice before marrying the person and sponsoring him/her to move to Canada! Especially if the person is urging you to get married, you don’t know him/her that well, or s/he’s been married many times before.

Sponsorship is a legal contract with the Government of Canada. When you sponsor your spouse to come to Canada, you must support the person financially for 3 years, even if the relationship ends in divorce or break up.

A marriage whose sole purpose is to let the sponsored spouse or partner immigrate to Canada is called a Marriage of Convenience. IRCC officers are trained to detect false marriages, through document checks, home visits and in-person interviews.

  • If you are a sponsor, don’t accept offers of money or other rewards to marry a person just so they can immigrate to Canada. You may be charged with a crime.
  • If you are a visa applicant, involvement in a false marriage may result in legal action against you, being banned from entering Canada for 5 years, and even deportation.

Word of the Day:

Deportation: the action of throwing out (a foreigner) from a country due to illegal status or crimes

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